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    David C. Femminineo


    Education and Certifications

    • J.D., Detroit College of Law
    • Bachelor’s degree in political science, from Michigan State University

    Memberships and Associations

    • State Bar of Michigan
    • Michigan Trial Lawyers Association
    • Italian American Bar Association

    Significant Achievements

    Attorney David C. Femminineo has single-handedly recovered Over $100 million in Michigan personal injury and Michigan auto accident cases for his clients.

    • $11.5 Million settlement for a victim of car accident
    • $2.8 Million jury verdict to victim of auto accident
    • $1.5 Million jury settlment to victim of truck accident
    • $1.5 Million Settlement to victim of truck accident
    • $1.28 Million settlement to auto accident victim
    • $1.4 Million to victim of auto accident, 2005 – 16th highest settlement in the State of Michigan
    • $1.0 Million Settlement to victim of truck accident
    David Femminineo

    In his remarkable career as a personal injury attorney, David C. Femminineo has recovered over $100 million for thousands of accident victims. Mr. Femminineo’s practice centers upon representing individuals who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others. As an auto accident injury specialist, he has helped thousands of clients prove their case.

    With sound strategies and bold execution, Mr. Femminineo enters the courtroom confidently, offering stability to clients as they manage the challenges of personal tragedy. Mr. Femminineo has made it a personal goal to provide every victim with closure and justice.

    Mr. Femminineo manages the law firm, carrying on in the profession his late father once proudly practiced.

    A member of the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association and the Italian American Bar Association, Mr. Femminineo has represented only injured victims of accidents since 1999. He earned his J.D. from Detroit College of Law.

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